About me

Hi, I'm Dominika (Daw-mi-NEE-kuh)

I’m a licensed physical therapist, dedicated runner, and proud New Yorker devoted to helping you reclaim your active life.

Like many New Yorkers, I was not born and raised in the Big Apple. Originally from Poland, I grew up in the small town of Nowy Targ, and have since lived in six other cities and speak three different languages. I have two wonderful sisters, Emilia, who lives in Dubai, and Agnieszka, in Chicago. As my family is spread across continents, I place a premium on creating meaningful connections and building lasting relationships. I tell you all this because it has shaped me and how I deliver care. Everyone has a unique history, background, needs and desires. Listening to patient’s personal story is the cornerstone of my clinical work. My philosophy is that physical therapy is not just mobility, strength, and endurance training. Emotional connection and mental fortitude are critical to the therapeutic process, too.

My journey as a physical therapist has been long and winding. Soon after graduation from Jagiellonian University, I moved abroad and accepted a physical therapy position in Creteil, France, a suburb of Paris. Assisting patients in ambulating post-surgery while speaking only basic French was a
challenge at first, but it pushed me to learn the language quickly. As my speaking skills improved, I took a second job in France with a multinational private clinic, where I almost exclusively treated patients with spinal complaints related to scoliosis.

My German boss, Christl, was tough as nails but fair, and cared for her employees like family. She had incredibly high standards, and it was no surprise that I remained under her mentorship for three years to soak up everything I could from her. It was a gift to be part of that team and experience firsthand the tremendous impact attention to detail and patience have on helping people in the recovery process. These virtues are something I proudly carry and channel in my patient care today.

After four years in France, I found myself California dreamin' and decided to move to the west coast of the U.S. I applied for and was accepted to a neuro-rehab residency at the renowned Kaiser Permanente hospital in Vallejo. I cannot say it was the California dream I had conjured up, but I learned to embrace the power of positivity. This was a stark contrast, having come from Europe where operations and patients alike were quite pragmatic. My favorite quote from the residency founder Maggie Knott resonates with how I treat patients now, meeting them where they are and working to achieve their goals:

“Every human being has untapped, unlimited potential.”

There was one constant throughout my ever-changing life journey: I have always wanted to live in New York. I fell in love with the city, the people, and the culture. I had envisioned myself being part of this vibrant and diverse world. I will never forget the first moment I set foot in Manhattan, overwhelmed by its energy, but knowing my dreams were possible here. From 2014 to early 2018, I worked at a handful of private outpatient practices. I treated senior patients and young athletes, met amazing people, enjoyed great success, and learned to work alongside some inspiring personalities. During this time, I also had a debilitating back injury, which only reinforced my belief that life will continue to test us. Being an active person all my life, I struggled to accept the new reality where simple daily activities were difficult and caused ongoing pain. Long-term injury and lack of progress led to hopelessness, despair, and feeling of defeat. Through my experience as a patient and physical therapist, I have realized that we all can endure with the proper support, positive mindset, and discipline. Despite experiencing setbacks occasionally, I continue to do what I love: running through the streets, around the parks, and across the bridges of NYC.

Since the fall of 2018, I've been running my own physical therapy practice. I specialize in orthopedics, helping patients with back pain, running injuries, postoperative care, and more. My time is split between private clinics in Brooklyn and Chelsea. My career has been humbling, far from sexy, and exhausting at times, but these experiences keep it real, inspire me to be a lifelong learner, and teach me invaluable lessons. Navigating through all different periods of life and places, helped me understand that everyone approaches challenges and problems from a different angle based on their ethnicity, background, and beliefs. I am forever grateful, and there are no words that can capture the reward of helping patients like you regain control of your life.

If circumstances arise, I hope this "about me" leads to an "about us" one day, a story where we conquer a quest together and help you get back to a life enriched by movement.

Yours in Health,

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